Dal Bati Churma – Authentic Rajasthani Thali

Rajasthani Thali with Dal Bati Churma and other delicacies

Dal-Bati-Churma is a well known meal combination in all north Indian homes. Any mention of Rajasthani food is incomplete without the discussion on dal-bati thali. If you are planning a festive get together with your family or friends, then this authentic Rajasthani thali is the perfect combination to try.

Rajasthani Thali featuring Dal Bati Churma and other rajasthani delicacies

In creating a perfect ambience for any gathering, table setting plays a very important part. It is the centerpiece or focal point of your event. Check out my video below on Thanksgiving Dal-Bati-Churma feast using copperware.

You may go for china dinnerware table setting like the one shown below.

Dal Bati Churma Table Setting

When setting your table, also take into account the plating for all the recipes. I have one example below and alternate example in the featured image above.

dal bati churma holiday party menu ideas

Rajasthani Vegetarian Thanksgiving Dinner

For my last thanksgiving dinner, I carved this popular Rajasthani Dal Bati menu. At least once a year I throw dal-bati-churma dinner for my friends.

Outdoor Grilling with Dal Bati Churma

Outdoor grilling parties are a nice way to enjoy pleasant fall weather and have good food. You can grill your bati’s for your dal bati churma menu outside and give them a more authentic feel because originally bati’s used to be grilled in cow-dung cakes. Bati’s taste even more authentic when grilled outside on low heat (preferably residual coal heat) on a cool fall day while family and friends enjoy the outdoors.

Bati being grilled for dal bati churma

Papads can also be made on the grill. Once you are done with all batis, use the low heat to keep dal and other accompaniments warm. When you are preparing your grill, use the heat to grill your egg-plant for baigan bharta.

Baigan ka Bharta Chokha Roasted Eggplant - Enhance Your Palate

Delegate grilling to other adult family members and make them part of the dal bati churma team. Your event will be more fun for everyone this way. I always try to nutritionally enhancing traditional recipes by modifying ingredients and using more healthy ways of cooking, such a steaming, baking or grilling etc. You can find enhanced versions of each of the above recipes on our website. See details below.

Recipes in Dal Bati Churma Party Menu

Though Dal-Bati-Churma itself is a complete meal, you can make your menu more elaborate by making the full spread including the following dishes that go along with the combination:

  1. Mattha / Chach – Spicy Buttermilk
  2. Panchmel Dal – Five Lentil Soup
  3. Shahi/Govind Gatte
  4. Mangodi Papad Kadhi
  5. Baigan (Eggplant) Bharta/Chokha
  6. Bhindi
  7. Bati
  8. Pearl Millet / Bajra Khichdi
  9. Churma Ladoo

If you are still looking for other authentic recipes, take a look at the authentic Punjabi Chole recipe, also popular as Pindi chole and Amritsari chole.

Panchmel Dal

Any meal is incomplete without having a protein rich component. In vegetarian meals, lentils are most commonly serve this purpose. ‘Panch’ means five and ‘Mel’ means mixing, hence ‘Panch-mel’ refers to lentil sould made by mixing five different types of lentils. Mixing different lentils not only gives lentil soup a unique flavor but also nutritionally makes it more complete.

Ingredients for panchmel dal

Traditionally, in dal-bati combination you pour dal over the crushed bati and then devour it. Panchmel dal tastes best when served with unleavened Indian breads such as missi roti, tandoori roti, bati or khoba roti.

Lentil Soup Panchmel Dal

Shahi Gatte / Govind Gatte

Shahi Gatte is a royal dish of Rajasthan, which was often served in lavish royal meals. Yet, it is not very popular compared to other versions of Rajashtani gatte recipes. In this meal plan, this serves the purpose of the rich curry for the menu. Traditional, yet not a common recipe served in Indian food gatherings. This dish will certainly make your menu stand out.

Shahi Gatte Govind Gatte

Mangodi Papad Kadhi

Mangodi Papad Kadhi is a yogurt based light curry, which at the same time adds more protein to the menu. This authentic Rajasthani Kadi is commonly served as an accompaniment with staple foods such as finger millet, rice or Indian flat breads. In this mean plan, it serves the purpose of providing a light yogurt based option and accompaniment for bajra khichdi. This is a different version then more popular Punjabi khadi, hence this would be a new experience for even those who are familiar with Punjabi kadi in general.

Mangodi Papad Kadi Enhance Your Palate

Baingan Bharta

Chokha Bati is another popular combination since ancient time when merchant travelers used to travel for months and made this for meal at rest stops. Hence, chokha, which means Baingan Bharta, is a common accompaniment for Dal Bati Churma.

Baingan Bharta is an authentic Indian recipe made with smoky roasted eggplants and tempered with onions, tomatoes and spices. In this meal plan, Baingan Bharta adds a dry curry vegetable dish to the menu. Roast your eggplants on the grill while you are heating it up and preparing for batis. EYP version of this recipe has been enhanced by adding roasted red bell peppers. Red bell pepper adds a nice tone to the color of the recipe. Even though eggplants themselves are nutritionally packed vegetables, addition of red bell peppers enhances it further.

Baingan Bhartha

Rajasthani Bhindi – Spiced Okra

There are many recipes available online to make bhindi, but the recipe that goes with this menu is the stuffed Rajasthani bhindi.

Bhindi Enhance Your Palate

Unfortunately, we have not bee able to publish this recipe yet. When looking online, search for Rajasthani Stuffed Bhindi Recipe.

Stuffed Bhindi Enhance Your Palate

Alternatively you may also use my bhindi masala recipe.

Rajasthani Bati

Bati is the main centerpiece of this menu. Well cooked bati is supposed to be crispy from outside and soft from inside. As mentioned before, traditionally these were cooked over low heat simmer of cow dung cake. If you are using grilling or oven, it make take some time to get to perfection, so make a little extra.

Bati enhance your palate

Batis can be made plain as well as stuffed, known as masala bati. EYP bati recipe has been enhanced by adding different flours to the bati dough, which in turn give a better texture, taste and flavor to these batis.

Bati dal bati churma enhance your palate

Bajra (Pearl Millet) Khichdi

Bajra (Pearl Millet) Kichdi is itself a wholesome meal in winter season when combined with Rajasthani mango kadhi. Due its soft texture, this makes a perfect kids friendly item in dal bati churma menu. Hence, this provides a light option for kids and grown-up who are not able devour other foods due to being on restricted diet. Perfect for those watching their diets carefully. EYP recipe for Bajra khichdi is enhanced by adding different vegetables to the recipe.

Vegetable Pearl Millet Recipe – Bajra Khichdi (One Pot Meal)

Churma Ladoo

Just as, no party meal is complete without a dessert option and dal-bati-churma is incomplete without Churma. EYP version of this recipe has been enhanced by mixing different flours, spices and nuts. Churma can be served in crumbled form or as ‘ladoo’. Churma Ladoo are much more convenient to serve, store and eat in a portion controlled manner. You can prepare these in advance to reduce the effort during the actual event. These are perfect bite size for kids to grab anytime and keep them fueled.

Churma Ladoo Enhance Your Palate

Final Tips for Perfect Dal-Bati-Churma

Best way to enjoy the Dal Bati Churma day is to do some preparation in advance and then involves others in final preparations during the get-together. This will make your event fun for everyone and your guests will cherish it for a long time. You will create memories together even if some items don’t turn out to be perfect.

Dal Bati Churma plate setting with other accompaniments

There are some days we don’t care and just want to indulge ourselves in something that would enhance our palate. This dal bati churma meal plan is perfect for those special festive occasions.

Dal Bati Churma Table setting

FAQ for Dal-Bati-Churma

Is bati same as litti?

Bati is a popular regional dish of Rajasthan made from whole wheat flour and then either deep fried or baked.
While Litti is a Bihari delicacy made out of whole wheat flour and is stuffed with sattu(roasted gram flour) and baked.

Which dal recipe best goes with Bati?

Choices of Dal varies with region. I personally prefer, Panchmel or Urad-Chana dal with Bati.

What is Dal-Bati menu or thali?

Though Dal- Bati is itself a meal but when you talk about thali it consist of: a lentil or dal, one curry probably kadhi, gatta or mangodi, one dry curry mostly baingan bharta and churma a sweet dish.

Can I bake bati?

Yes, bati can be easily baked. Set the oven temperature to 450oF, but time may vary depending on the size of the batis and oven type.

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  1. Amazing menu! Thank you for sharing, I am from Rajasthan ,so I make these dishes but got theirs unique idea from you about making this menu for get together ?. I’m still awaiting your recipes which you shared for your husband’s birthday party .
    Please do share those recipes as well.
    Thank you so much once again.

    1. Hi Milu, isn’t this a great menu to showcase our heritage, I just love throwing dal Bati get togethers, this is one of my favorite Menu. I am so glad that you also loved the idea. I know, I still have to do the recipes from my other spread. It’s just a bit slow process at my end with kids and family needs I am still not able to give 100% time to my blog. But I’ll try to post them as soon as possible for sure.

  2. Hi Rupali
    Ur platter luks so tempting I am planning to make it but have one doubt for mangodi papad kadhi Can we use amchoor instead of mango??? Thanks in advance

    1. Tanvi, if you don’t have green mango available then just and sub it with equal amount of buttermilk instead. You can use amchur at the end in small quantity but can’t sub the whole quantity of green mango pulp with amchur.

      Hope this helps.
      Thank you

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