Avocado Spinach Chapati (Roti)

Avocado Spinach Chapati

Simple and nutritious Avocado Spinach Chapati (Roti or Phulka) recipe for super soft, puffy and healthy round Indian flat breads. Avocado Chapati and Spinach Chapati are both popular recipes, but this Avocado Spinach Chapati recipe incorporates both in one. Avocados make chapati buttery soft, while spinach adds the essential nutrients. This is a great way to add both avocado and spinach into your daily diet. Once you start eating these avocado spinach chapati, you’ll never go back to your simple plain chapati or roti.

Avocado Spinach Chapati

“Once you start eating avocado spinach chapati, you’ll never go back to plain chapati or roti.”

Introduction to Avocado Chapati / Roti

Avocados are loaded with heart healthy fats, which are good for controlling bad cholesterol. However, Avocados were not easily available in India during my residence there, so I never had a chance to use or taste them in any recipe. In fact, they are seldom used in any Indian recipes. My elder daughter was a very picky eater during early childhood and I use to puree avocados for her. One day I just added the left over to the dough I was making to finish it off. And I got introduced to the deliciously soft avocado chapati or roti.

Avocado Spinach Chapati

Nutrition in Every Bite

Natural fats in avocado make roti / chapati‘s soft and buttery. Adding spinach further enhances the nutritional content of each roti / chapati. My children, especially the younger child, does not want to eat vegetables but loves all kind of breads including roti / chapati. Hence, this is a great way to add greens to my family’s daily diet without any extra effort. Now, I know that in every bite they are getting good nutrition, even if they do not eat much vegetables.

Roti / Chapati in Everyday Meal

Indian family dinner spread usually has an assortment of vegetables, lentils and side dishes served with a round flat-bread. Roti or Chapati is the most commonly used round flat bread in Indian home kitchens due to it’s light texture and ease of making. Roti can be made using whole wheat fours, multi-grain four or millet flours.

On the contrary, Naan is more popular as Indian flat bread outside of India and often people ask me if I eat it everyday at home. Naan is more of a festive or special meal flat bread that is not common in day-today Indian household.

Avocado Spinach Chapati Ingredients

From Pantry:


  • Avocado – 1 Ripe peeled and smashed
  • Spinach – 100 gms or 3 1/2 cups approximately

Avocado Spinach Chapati Recipe

  1. Place 2 cup flour in a stand mixer bowl with dough hook attachment. Whole wheat flour in a stand mixer bowl
  2. Make a puree of avocado and spinach using blender. Use just enough water to facilitate the blending.

  3. Start adding this puree into the flour in small increments while kneading on lowest setting of stand mixer.  

  4. Continue to knead until the flour comes together.  For two cups of flour you’ll need approximately 1.5 cup of puree.
  5. Sprinkle your hands with dry flour and smooth out the kneaded dough to make a smooth dough ball. At the end, it should not be sticky and smooth to touch. 

  6. Cover with plastic wrap and allow the dough to rest for 15 minutes
  7. When you are ready to grill, start by preheating your cast iron skillet or grill at medium heat.
  8. While skillet is getting heated up, divide the dough in equal size balls.
  9. Take one ball and flatten it out between your palms. Now dust it into dry flour so that it does not stick while rolling to the rolling pin and the board. 

  10. Roll out the dough ball using rolling-pin to 5-6″ in diameter, dust more dry flour if needed.

  11. Turn the heat of the griddle up to medium-high. 
  12. Dust off the excess flour from the rolled roti / chapati before placing on the skillet.
  13. Cook for 20 to 30 seconds until small bubbles appear on the surface. 
  14. Now flip, and the bottom side should have small brown spots from cooking.
  15. Now, flip again in a few seconds and the bottom side should also have the brown spots from cooking.