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Enhance Your Palate is my open kitchen diary. Here, I share recipe ideas from my North Indian roots and my globetrotting present that range from beautifuly simple creations to elaborate showstoppers.

I was born and raised in northern India. I never lived in a single city for more than 4 years growing up: my family relocated often for my father’s government job. As an adult, I have kept up my nomadic ways. After my marriage, my husband’s career in engineering has swept us through the metropolises of the New South — Atlanta, Houston, Beaumont, and New Orleans — introducing me into new communities and the local ingredients each had to offer.

Strangely enough, I got my bachelor’s degree in Architecture, but I couldn’t forget my passion for cooking. After coming to the USA, I did my masters in hospitality management, and have set my sights on the culinary arts ever since.

Back in the (second) Bush administration, when I first set foot in America, I was surprised to see the lack of awareness about vegetarian options. When I told people that I was vegetarian, they assumed I only ate salads. Honestly, I am not a big fan of leafy greens. There are hundreds and thousands of other other options when it comes to vegetarian cooking and my goal here is to bring some variety to your dinner table! I want to show you how beautiful, healthy, delicious and exiting vegetarian dining can be.

Almost all of the ingredients I use are available in the United States, but some can be quite difficult to find. I’ve added links to online vendors that sell the rarer ones to reduce the hassle of ingredient hunting. Authenticity is definitely worth the effort!

Please try some of these recipes out and leave a comment on how it went. The EYP team looks forward to hearing from you.

Happy cooking! May your palate be enhanced…

From Rupali Agarwal

Creator of Enhance Your Palate

Rupali Agarwal Enhance Your Palate

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