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Churma Ladoo prepared per the nutritionally enhanced EYP Churma Ladoo recipe. This authentic Churma Ladoo recipe has been further improved by mixing different flours, spices and nuts. Snack anytime, if you are feeling low on energy or to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings just serve as a dessert. Perfect gift for a family and friends during holiday season on on special occasions.

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Churma Ladoo are prepared per EYP’s nutritionally enhanced Churma Ladoo recipe.

Churma’ means crumbled, which in Indian cooking is used for recipes where a cooked bread is crumbled and mixed again with other ingredient and server in various forms. ‘Ladoo’ refers to ball shaped sweets commonly served in India on festive occasions. Hence, ‘Churma Ladoo’ is a recipe for ball shaped sweet made out of crumbled Bati, which is an unleavened bread, hard from outside but soft from inside, cooked in the desert areas of Rajasthan. This authentic recipe has been further enhanced by mixing different flours, spices and nuts. These are highly nutritious both from the energy perspective and other nutrients. Added ingredient such as carom seeds powder (Ajwain) helps in digestion, coughs and asthma, arthritic pains, acidity and cardiac health. Another ingredient, dry ginger powder (Saunth), also help in digestion, acts as anti-inflammatory, lowers blood sugar, fights flue and common cold. Nuts provide unsaturated fats, omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, vitamin E and proteins.

Overall, these ‘Churma Ladoo’ are a healthy bite size hearty snack packed with healthy fats, proteins, vitamins and mineral. You can make these once and store in dry conditions for a long time. Snack anytime, if you are feeling low on energy or to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings just serve as a dessert.

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