Pumpkin Curry & Urad Chana Dal with Raita, Roti & Pickle – Wholesome Indian Thali

Indian Thali - Urad Chana Dal, Pumpkin Curry, Cucumber raita, roti, achar and salad

Sweet and sour pumpkin curry is a great vegetable to have in winter times or cold weather. But how do you make it into a complete Indian meal? Pumpkin curry or kaddy ki sabji goes very well with urad -chana dal to make it a protein rich wholesome meal. Enjoy it with whole wheat roti, lasoda pickle and green apple panna.

In this vegetarian dinner meal, each recipe is 15 to 60 minutes, but when done in parallel, you can prepare the whole meal in about 90 minutes.

Recipes included in this wholesome meal plan are:

Urad-Chana dal/Lentil Soup

Urad chana dal or lentil soup is made of Black gram & Bengal gram lentils. Lentil soup or Dal is a delicious & nourishing dish which accompanies any number of different meals. Also mixing a variety of lentils (Urad + Chana) along with tadka gives it a more interesting flavor. The tadka in this Dal gives it a nice aroma and flavor. It is also high in protein and we assure you everyone in your family will love this Dal.

Dal is a staple dish for most Indian vegetarians and a frequent source of protein. Many healthy Indian dishes include high protein portions through diet-friendly high fiber lentils. These filling ingredients help you to eat less and still feel full and satisfied.

Pumpkin curry – Kaddu ki Subzi

Pumpkin Curry / Kaddu Sabzi Recipe is a very traditional Indian dish made with pumpkin simmered in light and tangy gravy. The recipe has a delicate addition of spices to the pumpkin in a sweet & sour gravy, simmered to perfection brings out the essence of this flavorful dish.

Sweet and Sour Pumpkin Curry – Khatta Meetha Kaddu
Sweet and Sour Pumpkin Curry

Cucumber Raita

Cucumber Raita is a delightful refreshing side dish and compliment to any meal by enhancing its Calcium & Roughage content. Cucumber raita is one of my favorites especially during the summer & I have given it an EYP touch by adding tangy flavor tadka on top which gives a zing to the palate. This is a quick and easy recipe.

Cucumber Raita – Greek Yogurt with Cucumber

Cucumber raita is also good as a or dipping sauce with my other healthy snack’s recipes like breakfast muffins or bhel!

Green Apple Panna

The Green Apple Panna is a delicious Apple drink/ juice that is made as a refreshing complementary drink with Indian thali. This recipe of Green Apple Panna is flavored with cardamom, fennel, black pepper & mint leaves adding a tangy taste to it and makes it an ultimate thirst quencher in summer season.

Green Apple Panna served in a clay cup

Green Apples are good for summers. Green Apple panna is a popular drink since it helps prevent heat strokes and cools you down. We can even add some Jaggery to give it a sweet n sour taste and enhance its health benefits as jaggery is high in potassium!

Green Apple Panna: https://www.enhanceyourpalate.com/green-apple-panna/

Whole Wheat Rotis

Roti or Chapati is a must have, in all traditional Indian homecooked meals mostly paired with dal and curry. Each bite would usually consist of a small portion of chapati with curry, dal or raita. It adds the essential grains to make the meal complete.

Whole Wheat Roti or Chapati

Lasoda Pickle

Lasoda pickle is a simple yet classical as well as traditional Indian recipe of a spicy lasoda vegetable made from homemade pickle masala. Pickle-making seems to be a cumbersome task, but reality check is it can be a quite easy task, if you have the right guidance and the perfect recipe.

So, folks Happy cooking & Healthy eating!

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