Thanksgiving Table Decor: A Warm Copper Fall Table Setting

Thanksgiving Table Decor

Thanksgiving! As soon as we hear that word, everybody imagines their version of a beautiful thanksgiving table decor, topped with their favorite delicacies and surrounded by their loved ones and family. Thanksgiving is a holiday that is all about hosting and entertaining people the most matter to you over food.  For those who get pleasure in seeing smiling faces, this is also an opportunity to get creative with food and thanksgiving table decor.

Cook a delicious meal, gather with family around a beautifully decorated table and make some unforgettable memories. An elegant and inviting table setting creates welcoming ambience and complements all the hard work you put into cooking the delicious feast.  Treat your thanksgiving table decor equally important as the food.

Thanksgiving table decor is the centerpiece of your special evening with family & friends. A gorgeous and carefully put together table can elevate the overall ambience and experience of the evening.  Thoughtfully put together table décor will become the focal point of your gathering because that’s the first thing your guests, friends or family will notice. Create a festive atmosphere that appeals to all the senses and show off your design skills with a beautiful table setting.

I try to put my best effort in every event, but thanksgiving is extra important as it is all about being thankful to those who matter the most, to those who are with you in tough times and good times and to those who you can count on. The effort I put into the thanksgiving table decor and food, is my way of expressing the gratitude and appreciation in a humble manner.

When it comes to thanksgiving table decor, the color palette that comes to mind is of earthy tone colors, shades of browns, reds, yellows, blues and greens. These palettes can create a warm and nature-friendly atmosphere. In this post, I share one such table decor that celebrates these warm tones. This rustic copper fall table decor would be perfect for a warm thanksgiving dinner.  

Vegetarian Thanksgiving – Non-traditional Menu

A turkey recipe is the most often pictured as the main entrée for Thanksgiving dinner.  However, we all are different and when you are surrounded by your family members, culturally familiar food will put smiles on everybody’s faces.  Afterall, the comfort food also has nostalgic and sentimental feelings attached to it. So don’t compromise on what you want to cook and follow a thanksgiving menu which is close to your family’s heart.  

My family roots are from Rajasthan, India so I decided to go with a vegetarian authentic Indian Rajasthani Thali menu which tends to be always popular and appreciated among my friends and family.  What could be better than serving an authentic Indian Rajasthani Dal-Bati menu on a beautiful copper dinnerware table setting to create an unforgettable thanksgiving table decor & dinner.

Menu planning and table settings goes hand in hand. When planning a menu, also ensure that right server wares and dinnerware are available to present and serve the food.

Appetizer Table Decor

 A blue, white and tan color palette is used for table to serve appetizers. Started with a tan faux fur table runner which is just perfect for adding contrast to a wooden dining table and to get flowing some coziness. Table runner on the table also helps layering the thanksgiving table decor. 

Fresh flower centerpieces make the biggest statement for a table and are just as lovely in the fall as they are in the spring or summer.  Added blue hydrangeas for additional delicate touch of color to an otherwise white and brown tablescape. The color of flowers makes you happier through chromotherapy, which uses the powers of colors to stimulate your emotions. Freshness have capability to uplift any atmosphere to make you feel lighter and more cheerful.

Centerpiece for Thanksgiving Table Decor

To add more character and layers instead of directly keeping on table runner, I have created few layers.  First, I have used a glittery and rustic placemat made of twigs and beads and then a rustic wooden tray to place flower vase and candles. This overall arrangement of placemat and tray helps adding more layers and texture to the whole centerpiece arrangements. Mixing different textures, color and layers are some key characteristics of any thanksgiving table decor.

Centerpiece with flowers and candles for Thanksgiving Table Decor

Finally, add few candles to add that finishing touch to the decor. Don’t you always feel good and fresh in a room where a scented candle is present? Candles are versatile and look good in almost every decor. Candles add beauty and warmth to the Thanksgiving table decor.

Increasing Thanksgiving Table Decor Visual Appeal

Visual appeal and presentation are the key to a successful dinner. It is true that we do eat with our eyes first and that first impressions are always everlasting. When presenting and serving food, try to add third dimension of height which can transform a really simple meal into something fancy. To elevate serving platters, use different height of cake stands. Over here to serve appetizers I have used white ceramic platters and wooden cheeseboards.

Centerpiece for Thanksgiving Table Decor

Appetizers and Drinks to go with Thanksgiving Table Decor

Tasty and easy, appetizers work for all occasions. When throwing a get-together, large or small, you can’t forget the appetizers. Sharing the appetizers and drinks served for this thanksgiving dinner.


Green Apple Panna served with thanksgiving appetizers in a glass jug.


  • Tomato Shorba (Recipe is yet to come on website)


Main Dinner Thanksgiving Table Decor with Copper

Copper dinnerware and earthy linens are always a win. Don’t you think that the warmth table exudes would welcome any guest at this meal?

Dal Bati Churma party menu served for thanksgiving dinner on beautifully decorated table with copperware - Thanksgiving Table Decor

How to achieve this look for thanksgiving table? The essence of this thanksgiving table decor is communicated through a warm copper Indian style dinnerware and server ware.

Thanksgiving dinner entrees and condiments served in copper serverware - Thanksgiving Table Decor

Fabric set the tone of any table, two gorgeous table runners in earthy color embroidery are set down across the width of the table. Linen are a way to boost the centerpiece and to lay the foundation. Hence, picked a blue color rustic burlap runner for the center of the table.

Dal Bati Churma party menu served for thanksgiving dinner on beautifully decorated table with copperware - Thanksgiving Table Decor

Next comes the centerpiece, this time decided to go with a subtle faux flower arrangement in green and white, which I found at Hobby Lobby store while I was strolling around.

Centerpiece for Thanksgiving Table Decor
Centerpiece for Thanksgiving Table Decor

Using a variety of textures adds a lot of interest to a tablescape. In contrast to burlap then, a glittery beaded placemat has been placed for the centerpiece to add a bit of glitz in the overall arrangement.

Then to give a finishing touch few candles has been added to the overall centerpiece arrangement. Pumpkin spiced fragranced candle in burnt orange color is lit to get the right aroma and to add the additional warmth in the room. To make the whole arrangement visually appreciable used coasters and wooden trivets to adjust the height of different centerpiece pieces.

Centerpiece for Thanksgiving Table Decor

To pull a look together and to dress up the table little more, yellow color placemats are placed for every place setting. In this tablescape, the Indian style plate setting was placed since the menu served was Indian Rajasthani Thali.

Copper dinner set used for thanksgiving table decor

Lastly, a subtle copper napkin rings was used to place an earthy color floral motif napkin.

Dinnerware and Server Ware

What could be a better dinner ware than copper to serve an authentic Rajasthani meal? This enhances the overall experience of meal, when served authentic menu in authentic style. I brought my copper dinner ware set and server wares from India but now these are easily available on Amazon and Etsy. Copper server wares can be also found at your local home furnishing stores.

Copper dinner set used for thanksgiving table decor

Rajasthani Dal-Bati Vegetarian Thali

A fresh, warm Dal Bati on a winter day is nothing less than blessing. This traditional Rajasthanni delight is always popular among my friends for all the right reasons. Hence, decided to go with this total rustic Rajasthani Thali menu for this thanksgiving meal.

The menu for the main course was as followed:



Pumpkin Spice Yogurt Cheesecake in individual serving glass containers

Get Outside Your Comfort Zone – Try it out

Step outside of your comfort zone and consider experimenting with a more thoughtful holiday setup this year. From festive tablecloths to fall-appropriate color palettes, the ideas here prove that there’s more than one way to bring the Thanksgiving spirit to your table. I am sure this Holiday season is going be great!

Thankgiving Table Decor Shopping List

Below, I have provided the links to actual or similar items used in above thanksgiving table decor. I shop around during my travels, so varity, look and feel may vary slightly based on online available options, but it would still creat the overall impact you are looking for.

“For pleasure has no relish unless we share it.” 

― Virginia Woolf, The Common Reader

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  1. Hi Rupali! Your way of presentation is impressive. I am wondering about your living room and whole house decor. I would really appreciate if you share your pictures. I am mother of 2 toddler girls trying to clean most of the time but then also I enjoying exploring new ideas to decor my home and always ready to learn vegetarian recipes.

    1. Hey Ambika, Thank you for the praise and appreciation. I continually post pictures of different parts on my house and also on my facebook page. Look through the other decoor or event postings. If you are curious about any particular section, let me know. Best regards – Rupali

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