Valentine’s Day Table Decorations – Elegant, Soft & Pastels

Wine glasses with floating candles and rose for valentine day table setting

Elegant and exquisite valentine day table setting in soft pastel colors that is sure to pamper your loved ones. If you are planning to celebrate this Valentine’s day at home with your friends or with just your partner, a stylish Valentine’s Day tablescape will set the mood right for an intimate and passionate evening.

Valentine day table setting in pastel colors

Working on a tablescape is very similar to work on a blank canvas. You pick your color pallet, design elements and incorporate your personal touch to create your masterpiece. When it comes to Valentine, the first few things that come to mind are red color, roses and candles. We thnik of creating some combination of these to create a romantic ambiance.

Floating candles in a wine glass with roses for valentine day decor

Whether you are throwing a Galentine’s Day luncheon for your girlfriends or going to enjoy a dinner with couple of friends, this Valentine’s Day tablescape idea will make it an unforgettable memory.

Valentine day table setting in pastel colors

How to create Valentine Day Table Decor?

To create this Valentine’s Day tablescape, I decided to go with pastel shades of pink while completely ditching the red color pallet. You don’t have to go bold with vibrant reds to create a mesmerizing tablescape. Keeping it soft and using pastel color palette are always soothing to eyes. Afterall, who doesn’t love a pink and white Valentine’s Day Tablescape?

Valentine day table setting in pastel colors

Idea of Overflowing Runners

I had an image for valentine’s day tablescape in my mind, so just started looking for stuff to recreate the same in real life. I wanted the table runners overflowing the table to be in two different shades. After a lot of online search, I finally selected these long linen runners in dusty rose and baby pink color which will be touching the floor at both ends of the table. Before ordering the runners, I measured the diagonal length and the height of table to order the right size of runners.

Overflowing table runners in pastel colors for the valentine day table setting

Pastel Centerpiece Flower Arrangement

For centerpiece, I went with white, pink and pastel lavender colors rose flower arrangement. I was planning to make my own flower arrangement since I wasn’t sure if I’ll be able to find one in the colors I am looking for. Lucky enough, found this pre-made flower arrangement at wholefoods when I went to pick up flowers.  Plenty of pastel color roses in floral centerpiece for an understated Valentine’s Day tablescape was just perfect.

pastel color roses in floral centerpiece for an understated Valentine's Day tablescape

The Centerpiece Garland

For the centerpiece garland, I used faux greenery and flowers. A 5 ft long blush pink rose flower garland which I found at Ling’s Moment. Adding garlands to tablescape quickly transforms any table to a festive special one and adds greenery as well.

The centerpiece garland using  faux greenery and flowers.
the centerpiece garland, I used faux greenery and flowers. Plate setting is also shown.

Floral Hoops – The Latest Trend

For a long time, I was eager to incorporate this new trend of floral hoop wreath in décor and felt this is the perfect opportunity, I got to showcase them. After doing my part of search found these on Ling’s Moment which were going with my overall theme. You can also find these on Etsy and do a DIY. I didn’t have enough time in my hand to do a DIY so I decided to buy ready to use hoop wreath.

Floral hoop wreath used in Valentine Day Decor

To hang these floral hoops, I simply tied them to the chandelier above.

Floral hoop wreath used in Valentine Day Decor

The Final Accents

To add a little warmth, I always try to add few different styles of candles in the tablescape. This time I have used some pink and silver log candles and candlesticks on the center of the table. Along with these, I also added an individual floating tea light and a rose flower in an oversized wine glass for every plate setting. Which just turned out amazing and become favorite décor element of everyone.

Valentine day table setting
closeup of a wine glass floating candle with rose

Plate Settings

For plate setting, I decided to go with white dinnerware and server ware only. First, I was thinking of going with light pink dinnerware. But when I looked at overall table I realized I have got enough of pink shades on the table which I need to break. Therefore, went with white dinnerware and dusty rose placemats which I found at Pier1 Imports, to contrast the plate setting. 

Plate setting for your indian menu at valentine day table

Since, this tablescape was the part of Indian culinary express, the menu was indeed Indian. For Indian food plate settings there would always be small bowls to serve curries. An American style food plate setting incorporate a cereal bowl or soup bowl, I had to pick individual items to complete a plate setting. Here, to make a plate setting compatible to Indian Cuisine, for small bowls I have used small dessert bowls instead.

Plate setting for your indian menu at valentine day table

This time I decided to with a special menu, which I curated to keep in mind that it can be used on special occasions.

Plate setting for your indian menu at valentine day table

I have used the same dinner ware in my Christmas Table Setting post also. As I mentioned there, White dinnerware and server wares are the most versatile color which you should have in your collection. It works well with most color setting and themes. The most basic set of white dinnerware can become part of any elegant table setting when paired with themed key elements.

Enjoy and have fun!

Enjoy and have fun creating your masterpiece. If you are into bold colors, go for it. If you prefer earthy toned, perfectly fine as well. At the end of the day, the tablescape is your way to express yourself. Think of it as a little gratitude to your guests for joining them to celebrate.

Valentine day table setting

I hope you like this pastel pink Valentine’s Day Tablescape. It’s always fun gathering your friends around a table and sharing occasion with them.

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