Christmas Table Setting – Decoration and Centerpiece Ideas for your Christmas Tablescape

Christmas Table Setting

One of my favorite things to do when it comes to entertaining is creating a beautiful tablescapes, where I can gather with my friends and family. I thoroughly enjoyed creating this Christmas Table Setting for last holiday season at my home to celebrate the season with friends.

christmas table setting

A gorgeous table setup is something worth celebrating, and the possibilities are endless during the holiday season. This is the first time that I went all out with all the ideas I was having in my mind to create a christmas table setting.

Most common question I get is where can you buy this decor or link to buy items that I have used in my decor. Unfortunately, decorative pieces in all the shops keep changing very often. Hence, I have tried to provide affliate links to similar items where possible.

Selecting Items for Christmas Tablescape

When it comes to holiday season all you think about pines garland, pine cones, snowflakes, candles surrounded with gold silver accent pieces full of glitz.

christmas table setting

I started with a tan faux fur table runner to add the luxury to the table then added a faux flower arrangement which was just perfect for the theme.

dinnerware and server ware for christmas table setting

Christmas Table Decorations Centerpieces

Flower centerpieces make the biggest statement. While using a flower arrangement as a centerpiece, the most important thing to keep in mind is that, flower arrangement should be either lower or higher than eye level so that it does not obstruct the eye contact between two guests sitting across the arrangement.

Christmas Table Decorations Centerpiece

I found this flower arrangement at hobby lobby store while I was strolling around to look for the pieces for my tablescape. To add more character and layers instead of directly keeping on table runner I added a glittery and rustic placemat made of twigs and glittery beads from Pier1 Imports.  

Christmas Table Decorations Centerpieces

Then I added a Christmas garland with snow-flaked pine cones and red berries. Garland down the middle of the table helps in filling up the empty space and layer to the overall tablescape. Keeping it lower to the table doesn’t block view of the guests sitting across.

Christmas Table Decorations Centerpieces

Lastly, I added in some white gold, silver and glass candlestick and candle holders to showcase my silver glittered tapered and block candles.

Mixing different textures and colors and layering them is the key. While garland and centerpiece add a holiday season character, the soft and velvety table runner beaded centerpiece placemat and silver glittered candles add all the needed glitz to this tablescape.

Christmas Table Decorations Centerpieces with matching dinner ware
Christmas Table Setting

Dinnerware & Server ware Selection

You don’t have to own or invest different style dishes to put together a themed tablescape. Invest in a few items that are versatile and build your collection of items slowly.

Christmas Table Dinnerware and Server ware

White dinnerware and server wares are the most versatile color which you should have in your collection. It works well with most color setting and themes. The most basic set of white dinnerware can become part of any elegant table setting when paired with themed key elements.

Christmas napkin rings

For this tablescape, I have placed the white dinner plates on yellow placemats with red colored plaid napkins on longer sides of the table. Then I have secured plaid napkins with special holiday season napkin ring.

Christmas Table Dinnerware and Server ware

On the Arm chair sides, I decided to break the monotony and went for double placemats arrangement. First I placed a tan colored cotton placemat with tassels which then I topped with blue color round placemat. With all the different accents that white plates can have, there is no reason to invest in anything but white for dishware.

Christmas Table Dinnerware and Server ware

Instead of changing and collecting different patterned dishware sets, it is easier to just change the placemats and napkins as per the theme. Whole dinnerware set along with server wares would be more expensive. It will need lot more storage space to store compared to placemats and napkins.

Christmas Table setting

Regarding serving food on the table with all the décor, I like to place them on varried height of cake stands. Cake stands gives height to food and makes it easier to serve.

Christmas Table Setting

Most importantly, don’t stress over creating a beautiful tablescape. Be creative and use items that reflect your personal taste.

This tablescape was the part of Culiniary expeirence which I had arranged during holiday season.

Christmas Table Dinnerware and Server ware

I hope you find some inspiration here to help you create your own beautiful Holiday Season table.

Decorative Flowerpot

Similar Products for your Holiday Tablescape

Selection of decorative items keeps changing all the time. You may or may not be able to find the exact same pieces that i used. However, below are some suggested similar items that you may consider:

Menu Suggestion

Menu that I preapred with this table scape is discussed in another blogpost titled “Classic Dal Tadka with Aloo Gobi

Classic Dal Tadka Aloo Gobi menu

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