Outdoor Birthday Party – Creative, Elegant and Memorable

Outdoor Birthday Party

Outdoor Birthday Parties are always a great option to consider as it allows for plenty of room for kids to run around and for adults to mingle. Every kid is special, and on their birthdays, parents want to make them feel extra special. These are the memories of childhood, that we all cherish for lifetime. Some time societal circumstances force us to come with creative ideas to do the same. Birthdays are meant to be celebrated, even if we must bring them outside our living room.

Outdoor Birthday Party decoration ideas

 During this quarantine era, when indoor celebrations have moved outdoors, I arranged a small outdoor birthday party for my daughter with just her classmates and few close friends. Something that feels special for her, at the same time everyone can follow the social distancing guidelines.  

Birthday girl wearing facemask posting with the cake table.

Certainly, shutdown is not going to stop the celebrations!

Planning outdoor decorations for kid’s birthday party

During the quarantine time most people were not able to do traditional birthday celebrations, like they usually do. As a result, yard signs became popular choice as it at least made the person feel a little special. Yard sign companies were busy, and it took me some time to find the vendor available on my preferred date. This is when I started looking a month in advance. I thought that I was starting early, but soon learnt that it was not early enough.

Happy Birthday Yard Sign

Happy Birthday Yard Signs

Yard sign companies have different options available with respect to colors, child’s interest, hobbies, common themes, etc. Usually you have quite a few options to pick from. My daughter was asking me for a Unicorn birthday, so I selected the colors for the yard sign as per that theme. I also picked a few add-ons such as picture frame and pink glitter hearts for effect.

Yard sign add-ons
Yard sign add-ons

Initially, I was just planning to have a birthday yard sign on her outdoor birthday party, and do cake cutting outside. My plan was to just have a drive by birthday party, with her friends joining from their cars. By the time party day came, the communal guidelines were much more relaxed. Most folks felt comfortable standing outside their cars and joined the celebration in the front yard while maintaining the distance with a face covering. So, I needed more than just the yard sign to make an impression.

Baloon Decorations for Outdoor Birthday Party

How to decorate with Balloons?

When it comes to celebrating kid’s birthday, it is incomplete without balloons. For young kids, balloons are a must have for any birthday celebration.  While ordering the yard sign I realized that I am are running late, so started looking for a balloon decorator also. If you are just planning to do some helium balloon then that you can probably do at home by buying balloons and helium gas tank form any party store.Baloon Decorations for Outdoor Birthday Party

How to find the right balloon decorator?

In my case, since the shops were still closed, I chose to hire a balloon decorator. Since I have never hired a balloon decorator before in this area, I had no idea. I reached out on a local Facebook group and got a few referrals. After checking out the Instagram handles for the referrals, I picked a few to talk to. I sent them the picture of my front yard and asked them for ideas with pricing. Picked this one after several consultation.

How to Decorate with Balloons without Helium?

Balloon decorater and I, decided on using a 12 ft garland and a 10 cluster balloons of 5 each. Cluster balloons were spread out in the yard. Garland was installed on the front porch as a backdrop to yard sign and cake table. Balloons used in the garland were air filled. In hot weather balloons pop when they touch grass, so decorator used helium for clusters over the grass.Outdoor Birthday Party

Combined effect of the yard sign and balloon decorations was absolutely eye catching. Every passing car slowed down to admire the outdoor birthday Party decorations. Lot of people clicked pictures, I guess for their future parties.

It was interesting to see all the passing cars slow down during the day to take a glimpse of the birthday party décor outside the house.

Cake Table Decorations for Outdoor Birthday Party

Cake table is a centerpiece of any birthday decoration. It is usually in the center or main location and catches everybody’s attention. It also creates a first impression regarding finer details of the overall party arrangements.

Cake table decoration for outdoor birthday party

For the cake table decorations, I ordered a banner and a unicorn flower backdrop and unicorn theme colored banners.

Unicorn Flower decoration on the cake table

Along with that I used some runners and cake stands that I already had at home. To attach the banner, I simply tied 6 ft wooden dowels to the table legs.  

Use of flowers and artifacts in Cake table decoration for outdoor birthday party

While making a layout, you can go high-low-high or low-high-low. In high-low-high the centerpiece remains low, while the side decorations (at the end of table) are the tallest. Vice versa for low-high-low configuration.

I used lowest-high-low-higher-low-highest for my table arrangement. First low piece was cookies on the table surface itself, then I put the low high cake stand for first tier of cupcakes. Next little high then that cake stand for the second tier. The tallest cake stand was used for the cake display. I ended with the flower display on the other end of the table. Fresh flowers always give a nice finishing touch add freshness to any decoration.

Flower and artifact decorations for cake table used in outdoor birthday party

Cup Cakes, Cookies and Birthday Cake

I prepared cupcakes and cookies, along with the cake. Individual size portions work best for the display in outdoor birthday parties. For the cupcakes, I used eggless hot milk recipe, which is my favorite and cupcakes stay moist for a long time. Cupcakes and cake were eggless, and the cookies were homemade sugar cookies. 

Cup cakes and cookies decorated on cake table for outdoor Birthday Party
Heart shaped cookies on a raised stand

My daughter wanted a black forest cake, so the base was eggless black forest, but for the icing, instead of using the whipped cream. I used butter cream. Because in outdoor birthday party, the whipped cream does not hold shape for long. Since this was for a kid’s birthday party, I used an alcohol-free kirsch syrup. For the filling between the layers, I used preservative and artificial flavor free Chukar cherry pie filling.

Sliced black forest birthday cake

I find it more convenint and elegant to use a birthday banner on the cake rather then writing on it.

Black Forest Birthday Cake for outdoor birthday party

Snack Boxes and Drinks To Go

Since it was a quarantine, I was planning that here friends will join this outdoor birthday party from the car only. I decided on making a snack box, that I could just pass along in the car. Almost like a picnic box. Each box contained a cupcake, cookies, curry puff pastry and a return gift.

Attractive snack boxes on food table waiting to be picked.

Every item was individually packed also before putting in the box. I used a candy paper gift bags for pastries, small individual box for cupcakes and cookies were in a clear plastic cookie bag. I picked a very attractive box design instead of just a white box, to grab all kid’s attention.

Attractive snack boxes on food table waiting to be picked.

Similarly, for the drinks, I wanted to be something that kids can take along with them. Also, I did not want to use artificial or store-bought drinks. So, I got these 10-ounce milk bottles, with a colorful lid in which you can put a matching straw.

The reasoning behind selecting the glass bottles and paper straws was to be more environmentally friendly. Not all bottle lids come with a hole for a straw, so check carefully. For the drink I decided to make pink strawberry lemonade, to go along with the theme.

Attractive snack boxes on food table waiting to be picked.

To keep the drinks cool and for add effect, I also added some fancy ice cubes in the tubs. These fancy ice-cubes I used fresh fruits and fresh flowers. The fancy ice cubes became the talk of the party. Kids were so fascinated that everybody wanted one. 

Party Finger Food Ideas

Originally, in the plan I had a snack box and take along drink in plan. However, as the day came close, and quarantine restrictions were relaxed, it was obvious that I needed to prepare some simple finger foods for tht outdoor birthday party. So, I decided to add some cucumber tea sandwiches to the menu. To make these tea-time sandwiches, I used multigrain bread, with a cheese spread flavored with avocado cilantro mint chutney and topped with pickled cucumbers instead of English cucumbers.

Tea time cucumber sandwiches served on a 3 tier server platter

Tea time cucumber sandwiches were served on a 3 tier crystal serverware alongside other items. To serve cake, I selected an elgant white square plastic plates with rose gold border and rose gold fork. This added a nice little fine touch to the event. To match up with the plates, party napkins also had a gold border.

Food Table Display

Lastly! Don’t forget to keep a close watch on the weather. In our case sun was shinning with full glow.

A very happy birthday girl standing along side her cake table for outdoor birthday party

“For pleasure has no relish unless we share it.” 

― Virginia Woolf, The Common Reader

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Items mentioned in this post:

  1. Unicorn Party Favors Bags Drawstring Gifts Bags
  2. Happy Birthday Cake Topper Banner
  3. Pink and Gold Foil Napkins
  4. Rose Gold Dessert Plates
  5. Glass Bottles with Reusable Metal Twist Lids and Straws
  6. Striped Polka Dot Candy Paper Gift Bags
  7. Kraft Paper Gift Box
  8. Gift Treat Boxes with Ribbons
  9. 3 Tiered Crystal Platter Stand
  10. Translucent Plastic Bags for Cookie
  11. Alcohol free Kirsch Syrup for blackforest cake

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  1. Amazing ?? everything is so beautiful and perfect,!!! Blessings to your princess!! My son is turning to 14yrs.old in July , can you please give some ideas for his birthday. I want to surprise him during this situation.
    Would love to have some inspiration from you though I am not creative like you but I can try some .
    So please if you can share ,it would be great!!

  2. Elegant, beyond compare, awe inspiring decor and treats.. your talent is inspiring and out of this world!!

  3. Hi I am a big fan of your blogs and especially the creative side and your ideas and presentation. I am in love with this birthday idea . I also love to plan the event but yours looks so perfect so organized and at the same time seems effortless which I am sure is not. It’s a treat for eyes .. no wonder how can people resist stopping by and be a talk of the town . Love every bits of it and was getting more curious and greedy to see foe the take away snacks boxed looks from inside. ?????

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