Holiday Season Luncheon – EYP Culinary Experience

Looking to organize a holiday season luncheon with your friends or family? You have come to the right place. You can either chose to join me for an exquisite Holiday Season Luncheon or use the ideas presented here to host your own.

Pictures here show the amount of detail that goes into preparing for a memorable culinary experience while making it feel like a celebration. Depending on the occasion and time of the year, I prepare an eye catching tablescape, decide the menu, do all the prep-work and create a fun relaxing atmosphere.

Table Setup

Whenever I am planning an event, the planning starts with the table scape. What kind of table do I want to put? That decision based on the season, special time, any occasion or any special day coming up. In this, I picked a Christmas theme as it was right in middle of holiday season. For details of the tablescape preparation see my blog post titled “Christmas Table Setting – Decoration and Centerpiece Idea for your Chritmas Tablescape”.

Prep-Work for Cooking Session

I prepare all the reciped once in advnance to take a picture, refine the recipes and prepare a recipe folder with all the recipes that participants can take back. TO save time during the session, I complete all the pre-work in advance. So during the actual session we can focus more on the cooking techniques and learn more about the cusine. You’l be free to exlore my fully stacked Indian Culinary Kitchen.

Cooking Session

This is the most exciting part of the whole experience. Cooking session starts by explaining what we have in the menu and relevance of each item. In my blog post titled “Family Meal Ideas – Quick Indian Dinner Recipes” , I explain how an Indian meal is planned and served. You will learn how to combine varioud delicacies to make a complete balance meal.

During the session, we talk about variuous spices used in Indian cusine. Most particpants love rolling Roti’s (phulka) and cooking of Indian bread. You can choose to watch or try your hand on everything.

Meal Experience

Now when the cooking is done, it’s time to sit, relax and enjoy the meal. Watching food being made for two hours, makes everybody feel really hungry by the time everything is ready. However, after all the hard work, there is nothing like sitting with a group of close friends and have a novel meal experience.

If you are interested in learning more details about the menu we cooked, then please refer to my blog bost titled “Classic Dal Tadka with Aloo Gobi.”

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