Moroccan Lamp Party Favors

Moroccan Lamp Party Favors Enhance Your Palate Event

Moroccan lamps make perfect party favors and can be customized to your event theme. In this blog pictures Moroccan lamp party favors have been customized for the baby girl welcome party. I am going go to describe where I got each of the elements from and how to combine them.

Moroccan Lamp Party Favors Enhance Your Palate Event

Depending on your theme, you may keep chocolates, sweets, cup cakes, small toys, fragrant soaps, perfumes, customized candles, manicure sets, mails paints, etc. over the crinkle paper grass filler.

Moroccan Lamp Party Favors Enhance Your Palate Event

In this case, my lovely friends threw a baby girl welcome party for me and these are the ‘Thank You’ party favors I gave every one to show my gratitude. I filled these with Indian sweets. Overall cost of these party favors was about $13 per piece + any fillers. You customize this gift for Indian, Arabic, Bollywood, Moroccan, baby shower, weddings, 16th birthday and other events.

Moroccan Lamp

Search the Internet for ‘Moroccan Lamps’ and you will see various options available in the market including Amazon, Etsy, WorldMarket, Hobby Lobby and other decor/craft stores. You have to balance size and price in your selection. For my event, I picked the lamps from Pier 1 Imports, which you can access by clicking the picture below.

These lamps come in four sizes: mini, small, medium and large. I picked the mini size.


If you have a gift receipt, put it at the base of the lamp. Then on the top of it put the crinkle cut paper grass of the color that matches your party theme. I used the pink crinkle cut paper grass available at Hobby Lobby for my lamps. You can click on the picture below to access.

Put enough crinkle cut paper to cover the whole base and leave space at top for any favors.

Enhance Your Palate Event Party Favors Moroccan Lamps

Depending on your theme, you may choose from the following list or use other favors:

  • Something Sweet:
    • Customized cookies
    • Chocolates
    • Cupcakes
    • Indian sweets
    • Candies
    • Nuts
    • Flavored popcorns
  • To pamper your guest:
    • Fragrance soaps
    • Designer Lotions
    • Sanitizers
    • Bath soap
    • Shower gels
    • Nail paints
    • Manicure sets
  • Splurge
    • Gift cards
    • Jewelry
    • Gold or Silver coins
    • Exotic teas and coffees
    • Customized candles


I picked the crystal embellishments to further enhance the lamps as shown in the picture below. You can get these and other options in the wedding section of any crafts store. Here I used three different designs from Hobby Lobby store and combined them into one as shown in the picture below.

Moroccan Lamp Party Favors Enhance Your Palate Event

You can insert these into the door hinge or lock. Pick embellishment according to your theme. It should visibly enhance the lamp, but at the same time not overwhelm the lamp itself.

Moroccan Lamp Party Favors Enhance Your Palate Event

After you insert the embellishment, door should still open to allow you to put the party favors inside.

On the top of the lamp, I used a similar collection of embellishments with a ‘Thank You’ tag as shown in the picture below. Both the tags and embellishments were purchased from Hobby Lobby store.

Moroccan Lamp Party Favors Enhance Your Palate Event

Why put so much effort?

Good friends and family members are precious. Yes, these party favors will take some time to make, but it is worth the effort for us considering the time everybody else spent in putting the event together. I wanted to make sure that each guest feels valued and understands how much we appreciate the efforts they have put into making this a special day for us.

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  1. I like how you recommend putting a gift receipt at the bottom of the Moroccan lantern and then putting crinkle cut paper on top. This really seems like such a great way to give a gift at a party or to give out at Christmas time. Not only would they get what is inside but a beautiful lamp would be there that they could use for decoration as well!

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