Green Apple Panna: Delicious Summer Cooler

Green Apple Panna served in a clay cup

Green Apple panna, a refreshing summer drink made out of green apples, seasoned with roasted cumin powder, black salt and mint leaves. This summer cooler, Panna, is synonym to summer season in India. Summer is the time when you most enjoy this fresh chilled drink that not only beat the heat but also helps in keep you hydrate and energize.

Green Apple Panna being served in clay cups.

This green apple panna is inspired from a very popular North Indian drink known as “Aam Panna “,  which is another regular at my place. This summer cooler is really good for kids as well, as they really enjoy the sweet, sour, tangy flavors of this homemade Green apple Panna.

Green apple Panna ready to enjoy.

Why Green Apple Panna?

Who doesn’t know the saying; an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Line any other variety of apple, Green apples have a lot of health benefits to offer. They are packed with nutrients, fiber, minerals and vitamins that are good for the overall health.

Green Apple Panna garnished with green mint and key limes.

Green apples are low in fat, high in fiber and extra rich in Vitamin A & C. Apart from being an excellent source of various vitamins and minerals, green apples are quite rich in calcium content as well. Eating a green apple every day can strengthen bones and teeth as well.

Green Apple Panna served over ice.

In case of green apples, they are little sour and sweet in taste. Which means, Green apple panna doesn’t required lots of sweetener to balance out the flavors unlike green mangoes which are tarter and tangier.

Green apple panna a popular indian summer cooler

What exactly is Panna?

Fresh green apple panna is a very delicious sweet and tangy summer cooler made with a tart fruit of your choice, fresh mint leaves, roasted cumin powder, black salt and sugar. It is very refreshing and have cooling properties because it uses significant amount of mint and black salt. If you find it interesting you may also like another panna recipe “Plum Panna” on my blog.

green apple serve over plenty of ice

Cooking tips to make the best apple panna recipe

  1. Choose firm and fresh green apples without any bruises.  
  2. This recipe uses 4 green apples and yield 8 cups of drink. Approximately one apple yield 2 cups of apple panna. That should be the consistency of drink.
  3. You can also use other variety of apples as well but the tartier the apples are the better the drink will taste. So, make sure to use only the tartier variety of apples for this recipe.
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  1. If the green apples are more on sweeter side you might not need to add any sweetener to the drink. If the green apple panna is not tangy enough, then increase the quantity of lemon juice.
  2. Apple Panna stores well for a week in the refrigerator in an airtight container. 
  3. For a healthier version, I have used crushed/powdered jaggery as it blends easily when pulsed with the Panna. But if you have no jaggery on hand, you can substitute it with sugar or coconut sugar or any other preferred sweetener in hand.
  4. You can also soak and seeded dates.
Ingredients for Green Apple Panna recipe

Recipe Notes:

Can other variety of apples be used in this recipe?

Yes, you can use other variety of apples but remember use the tangy ones. Sweeter apples wouldn’t bring out the right flavors. 

How to make roasted cumin seeds powder at home?

Making roasted cumin powder is very easy. Just roast handful of cumin seeds on low heat in a pan. Keep stirring and tossing for even browning and brown until you start getting nice aroma and dark brown color. Switch off the heat and let them cool down a bit, and then grind them into powder using a spice grinder or dry jar of nutri-bullet. Store in a clean and dry jar for later use.

Where I can find black rock salt?

Black rock salt or kala namak is easily available at amazon or if you have any Indian store nearby you can also find it there.

What if I don’t find fresh mint leaves?

Do you know that fresh mint can be easily dried in shades and save for later use when you can’t find the fresh mint or when mint is not in season. When in abundance I always dry enough quantity of mint leaves. To make dry mint leaves powder sort the leaves and rinse them well. Then spread out these leaves on kitchen towel and allow them to dry under shade. Don’t dry them under the sun otherwise leaves will turn black. To maintain the color of the leaves, leaves should be dried in room or under the shade. It will take 3-4 days to entirely dry them. Once dry, the leaves will become crisp. Rub the dried leaves between your palm to powder them. Sieve the powdered mint leaves and store in air tight spice jar for later use.  

Ingredients for Green Apple Panna:


  • Green Apples: 4 medium size apples/approximately 600 grams
  • Ginger: 2 tablespoons grated / approximately 28 grams
  • Lime Juice: 2 tablespoon fl. Oz. / juice of one lime
  • Fresh Mint Leaves: one cup leaves/ approximately 28 grams
  • Water: 4 cups divided (2 + 2)
  • Ice: 4 cups