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Experience the Indian culinary world through the perspective of Rupali Agarwal, whose life’s passion and love are making new healthy vegetarian creations. This one, two or three-hours culinary session will introduce you to Indian HOME kitchen fundamentals, common spices and some techniques used in Indian cooking. Number of recipes cooked and complexity of the recipes depends on the session length and experience level. At the end of these session, you’ll feel confident to be able to

  • take one of our spice boxes and make those recipes at home yourself.
  • download a recipe from online and be able to follow it through to impress your family and friends.
  • build your own collection of spices in your home kitchen and enhance everyday recipes.

Those taking the three-hour session will get a complementary spice box (dry spice ingredients needed to re-create one recipe cooked in session) to take with them. Spice boxes specific to recipes or general spice collections will also be available for purchase. At the end of all cooking classes, all participants will get to enjoy and relish the home cooked casual Indian meal.

Due to the small group size and highly personalized attention, these experiences make a perfect setting for special events like, mom’s day-out, couples double date, family time, small group birthday celebrations, visiting tourists, small group corporate team building events, kids cooking class (older than 10 years) or just for a unique experience. This culinary experience is very different from having dinner at a fancy restaurant, both in terms of recipies we prepare and learning we share.

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Cooking Class Details:

  1. Preparations (prior to your session):
    1. All ingredients for each of the recipes are pre-cut and prepared ready to cook.
    2. Menu with detailed recipes for each of the items are prepared to handout.
    3. Attractive dinner table setting for five, to invigorate your senses and desire to enjoy a meal with close group of friends or other participants.
  2. Welcome: 
    1. Enjoy homemade Indian Chai Latte infused with cardamom, cloves and black pepper.
    2. We’ll do a quick round of introductions. Put on your aprons.
    3. Rupali will introduce the menu and describe the cooking process and techniques to be used.
  3. Cooking: We’ll start one recipe at a time, but as we progress, we may have multiple recipes going at the same time. This is where we work as a team and learn. This is the most fun part of the session.
  4. Enjoy Your Meal: Lastly, we all sit together and enjoy the result of your hard work. Rupali will also share some insights around etiquettes of eating Indian meal.


Session Specific Details:

  1. One-hour Session – We can make a quick meal including any one of the following choices:
    1. Indian popular breakfast dishes such as Poha, Upma, Vermicelli, crepes or Dhokla
    2. Appetizers or Snacks for your small plates, such as Pakora, Puff-patties, bhelpuri and other famous Indian street food.
    3. Quick one pot meals such as khichdi, pulav or simple vegetable recipes to eat with rice or flat breads.
    4. Soups such as lentil soup, lemon cilantro soup, clear soup, tomato soup or hot & sour soup.
    5. Stuffed breads such as paratha’s stuffed with potatoes, cauliflower, paneer, onion, carrots or mix veg.
  2. Two hours QUICK MEALS session – Enough time to prepare a small Indian meal, perfect for everyday cooking. Some example of meal choices includes Pav-bhaji, Alu-puri, Alu-ghobi, saap-paneer, chole-palak, idli-sambhar, beans and rice and some indo-chinese options. Any otems from one-hour session description may also be included.
  3. Three-hour COMPLETE MEAL session – Cook an elaborate family Indian meal to impress your family and friends. In this session you will get opportunity to roll your roties or spread your own Dosas (crepes). In this meal, we will have one lentil soup, one gravy curry, one dry curry, spicy yogurt, salad, bread and rice with a dessert prepared in advance.

Please contact us in advance before booking your session to discuss the menu. Browse though our recipe collection to tell us what interests you most. It can be customized per your liking.


  • 1-hour session – $30 per person
  • 2-hour session – $50 per person
  • 3-hour session – $75 per person (includes a free EYP-Spice Box for one of the recipes from the menu)

NOTE: Only group of 3 to 5 people are accepted at this time to ensure personalized attention. If you don’t have a group of your own, then send us message and we will contact you when we have enough folks for a group. Class prices include the cost of all ingredients and meal.

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1 Hour, 2 Hours, 3 Hours


6th April 2019

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