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Japchae Noodles Recipe – Vegan & Gluten Free
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Japchae Noodles Recipe - Vegan and Gluten Free

Quick & easy Instant pot recipe for Japchae noodles recipe, i.e. vegan & gluten free Korean glass noodles vegetable stir-fry. Prep over the weekend and cook in 15 minutes during weekdays.  
Prep Time20 mins
15 mins
Total Time35 mins
Course: Everyday Recipe, Instant Pot Recipe, Main Course
Cuisine: Korean
Keyword: Japchae, Korean Glass Noodle, Sweet Potato Noodle
Servings: 4
Calories: 528kcal






    • 1 oz Ginger Thumb size knob, finely julienned
    • 10 oz Red onions 1 cup sliced, 1 medium or ½ large size onion
    • 4 oz Cremini Mushrooms 1 cup sliced around 10 pieces
    • 6 oz Baby Bok Choy 1 cup chopped - 2 small or 1 medium size, stalk and leaves separated
    • 6 oz Carrots 1 cup thick julienned, 2 medium size or 1 large
    • 4 oz Green Bell Pepper 1 cup thick julienned, 1 medium size
    • 4 oz Red Bell Pepper 1 cup thick julienned, 1 medium size
    • 6 oz Broccoli 1 cup, cut into even bite size florets
    • 2 oz Baby Spinach 2 cups heaped, 2 handful


    • 7 oz Tofu Extra Firm - 1 cup cubed



    Prep work Instructions

    • Sweet Potato starch noodle come in long u-shaped noodles. Cut them into small strands using a kitchen scissor to fit inside the inner pot of instant Pot.
      full length korean glass noodles being cut into smaller strands
    • Chop all the colorful vegetable into finger size sticks and keep them aside. Once, all the veggies are prepped, this dish comes together really fast.
      chopped ginger and other chopped vegetables on the side.
    • Squeeze all the water out from the tofu, cubed and keep it aside.
      chopped tofu
    • Mix all the sauce ingredients in a small bowl, whisk them all together and keep it side.
      Japchae Noodle sauce
    • Combine the sesame oil and chili flakes for topping and keep it aside.
      topping seasme oil with korean red chili flakes

    Cooking Instructions

    • Switch on the Instant Pot on Sauté mode on normal heat. Add 2 tbs of avocado oil.
      Oil being added to instant pot pan
    • When it starts displaying hot add julienned ginger and sliced onions.
      onions being added to instant pot pan
    • Sauté onions for few minutes until become soft and translucent.
      onion and ginger being sauted in an instant pot pan
    • Now add sliced mushrooms and continue to sauté for few minutes.
      sauteing in instant pot
    • After 5 minutes switch off the sauté mode, add 1.5 cup of water and half quantity of the prepared sauce.
      Japchae noodle sauce being added to the instant pot pan
    • Transfer all the noodles into crisscross pattern in the inner pot.
      Japchae noodels added to the instant pot pan for pressure cooking
    • Place the Instant pot lid on and cook for 1 minute on low pressure. Let the pressure release naturally.
      Half cooked noodle with onions and mushrooms
    • Once, pressure is released open the lid and add chopped bok choy stalks, carrots, peppers, broccoli, tofu and the remaining sauce.
      Look inside the pan after adding the sauce. Ready to cook one more time.
    • Put the lid back and again cook for 1minute low pressure. To avoid over cooking of vegetables and losing their texture, quick release the pressure once cooking time is over.
      Japchae noodles and vegetables after second pressure cooking
    • Take the lid off and carefully fold in the spinach and bok choy greens. Cover the pot back and allow the greens to wilt using the steam.
      bokchoy greens being added to Japchae recipe
    • Remove the pan, transfer to a bowl and topped it with sesame seeds and sesame seeds and chili flakes oil.
      japchae noodles with vegetables after some more steaming in instant pot



    Calories: 528kcal | Carbohydrates: 66g | Protein: 11g | Fat: 26g | Saturated Fat: 3g | Sodium: 916mg | Potassium: 778mg | Fiber: 8g | Sugar: 15g | Vitamin A: 11805IU | Vitamin C: 128mg | Calcium: 236mg | Iron: 3mg