Puran Poli (Sweet Stuffed Flat Bread)

Puran Poli (Stuffed Sweet Flat Bread) Enhance Your Palate

Puran Poli is a very famous sweet flat bread from the state of Maharashtra, located in the western region of India. My undergraduate college is also located in Pune, where I tasted this delicacy. It quickly became one of my favorites and I am glad that I was able to re-create the same with further enhancement.

For those not familiar with Puran Poli, it is a wheat based flat bread stuffed with a sweet stuffing made from lentils and jaggery. I have made a small effort to enhance this recipe to the next level by adding the mix-nut butter, dates, figs and some spices to add the nutritional benefits and enhance the flavor.

These changes to the recipe also reduce the need for added sugar. Mix-nut butter paste is rich in proteins and heart healthy fats, while dates and figs are a good source of iron. Jaggery is a raw form of sugar cane which is much more healthier form of sweetener then other common options. Added spices promote healthy digestion. Another modification to conventional recipe is the use of whole wheat flour in place of all-purpose flour. Whole wheat flour is a more nutrient rich flour.

I usually serve puran poli with mint-cilantro and dates-tamarind dip (chutney). For this lazy weekend brunch, I also served it with with another popular delicacy from Maharashtra called Sabudana/Sago Vada (Tapioca Fritters). A health & tasty version of tapioca fritter can be found by clicking on the recipe for Low Fat Beetroot Tapioca Fritters (Sabudana/Sago Vada).


Puran Poli Enhance Your Palate


Puran Poli Swett Flat Bread Ehance Your Palate

For Filling:

For Dough:


  1. Wash and soak the chana dal for 15-20 minutes and pressure cook in Instant Pot with 2 cups of water for 12 minutes (manual mode). After the time is up let the steam release naturally. If you don’t have instant pot, you may also cook  on stove top in traditional pressure cooker for 15 minutes on medium heat with  2.5 cups of water and then let the pressure release naturally.
  2. Meanwhile, take your choice of nuts and seeds (I used cashews, almonds, pistachios, melon seeds and poppy seeds)  and make paste in blender. You can also use the mix-nut butter recipe.
  3. Soak around dates and figs (5 of each) in hot water for few minutes. Don’t forget to remove the pit from dates. When soft, squeeze the water out and blend in a blender. Keep aside.
  4. Roast few strands of saffron and powder it in a mortar and pestle and keep aside.
  5. After lentil (dal) is boiled and when ready to make the filing, start with heating oil in a pan. Next add boiled dal and jaggery to it.
    Puran Poli Enhance Your Palate Puran Poli Enhance Your Palate Puran Poli Enhance Your Palate
  6. Stir and let it cook on low heat till it looks like in the picture below.Puran Poli Enhance Your Palate
  7. Now add mix nuts paste and dates & figs paste. Stir continuously and while stirring keep mashing the mix from the back of the spoon.Puran Poli Enhance Your Palate
  8. Once the nuts and dates/figs paste is blended in, add all spices mentioned above in the ingredient list.Puran Poli Enhance Your Palate
  9. Roast/cook for few minutes until mixture/puran is dry enough to use as filling. Keep stirring and mashing the mixture/puran from back of the spoon. Potato masher could also be used to mash the filling/puran to make it smooth. When ready keep it aside and let it cool.Puran Poli Enhance Your Palate
  10. While mixture/puran cools work on the dough. For dough, take 2 cups of whole wheat flour in a wide bowl and add salt. Mix the two and start kneading with water. We need a soft consistency for the dough.Puran Poli Enhance Your Palate
  11. Apply 2 tsp of ghee and knead more. Ghee and more kneading will help in achieving the smooth and soft dough.Puran Poli Enhance Your Palate
  12. Finally, dough should be soft and smooth, as shown in the picture below. Cover it and let it rest for 15-20 minutes before starting to roll.Puran Poli Enhance Your Palate
  13. Now, all elements (dough, filling & ghee) are ready to roll the polis/bread.Puran Poli Enhance Your Palate
  14. To roll the polis/bread take a lemon size ball of dough and roll in 3-inch circle. Dust some dry flour on rolling surface to make rolling easy. Take a lemon size puran/mixture and put it on the center of rolled dough.Puran Poli Enhance Your Palate
  15. Bring the edges of rolled dough together in the center to cover the mixture/puran completely with dough.
    Puran Poli Enhance Your Palate Puran Poli Enhance Your Palate Puran Poli Enhance Your Palate
  16. Dust the dough (with filling inside) again with a dry flour and roll it into thin bread/polis.Puran Poli Enhance Your Palate
  17. Place the rolled bread/polis on a medium hot tawa/griddle.Puran Poli Enhance Your Palate
  18. Flip it when when you start seeing few brown spot on bottom. On medium heat, it should take a minute and then cook from the other side. Apply some ghee on top side and flip again. Apply some more ghee on the other side also.Puran Poli Enhance Your Palate
  19. When bread/poli cooked well with brown spots on both sides, remove it from the tawa/griddle and  place it on a cooling rack/perforated surface. Placing on a cooling rack would help in avoiding the puran poli turning soggy.Puran Poli Enhance Your Palate
  20. Repeat the process and stack the cold once on top of each other.

Puran Poli Enhance Your Palate

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  1. You rock Rupali! Never in my dream I would have thought of adding so many nutritious things in my puran poli! I am soon going to try your recipe. 😊

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